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Timeshare Elimination Team

Timeshare Elimination.

Done right.

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Client Protection Group's Proven Timeshare Exit Strategy Can Free You From Endless Mortgage & Maintenance Fees -- Quickly & Legally.

 Put an End to the 

  Timeshare Headache!  

BBB Accredited

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Total Credit Protection

always transparent

Transparency Is Our Policy

always available

Always Available

moneyback guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Case Manager Team understands the importance of being transparent and honest with our timeshare exit clients, so we are not going to lie to earn your business. We have helped thousands of timeshare owners from all over the world get OUT of an unwanted and unused timeshare.

Our Timeshare Elimination Team offers the highest level of professionalism and results. Rest assured knowing you are working with a company that will always answer your communications, whether it is by letter mail, email, or phone, or even a personal meeting. Client Protection Group is here for you.

If we can’t get you out of your timeshare, you get your money back. Simple as that.

*See contract for more details

Located in Santa Ana, California, Client Protection Group has Provided Timeshare Relief to Thousands who Understand the Burden and Obligations of Being a Timeshare Owner.  Client Protection Groups' Elite Timeshare Elimination Team has Developed a Prominent, Proven Timeshare Exit Strategy to Permanently Relieve You of the Financial Stress of Timeshare Membership. 

Exit Your Timeshare with Us. Have a Mortgage? No Problem. Cancel Your Timeshare Contract and Get Out Quickly and Legally.








Timeshares are impossible to sell.

Having difficulty selling a timeshare? Cancel it instead and protect your credit. Client Protection Group is BBB Accredited and our service is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Here are a few examples of the letterheads regarding timeshare termination. With Client Protection Group, you can expect real results - all legal, all permanent. Now is the time to get out.

Client Testimonials

See what real clients say about Client Protection Group. Also, you can see our BBB reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.



"Reluctantly, we hired Client Protection Group in 2018 to get us out of a timeshare in Florida we bought and never used not even once. We couldn't recommend Michael and his team more!"

- Jennifer S

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Licensed with Secretary of State 

Being licensed with the Secretary of State, we must uphold the highest levels of integrity. Following all rules and regulations. 

* License # 201511910131

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