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Client Protection Group uses a fast, consistent, and legitimate process to get you out of your timeshare contract. We are here to answer all questions. 


Is there an upfront cost for the service?


There is a low, upfront retainer needed to start the process, call today for a free consultation!


How do I qualify for Timeshare Elimination?

If the terms of your contract were misleading at the time of signing, lost a travel partner, or have deteriorating health we can help!


Do you offer any type of guarantee?

We guarantee to work on your case until it’s resolved.


What if I still owe a mortgage or I am past my rescission period?

No matter the circumstance, Client Protection Group has helped thousands past their recission period. If you owe a mortgage, we got you covered!


Will my credit be affected if I stop paying the Developer?

Your credit is protected, backed by our Credit Protection division. We ensure your credit is not impacted by working diligently with the major credit bureaus.


Why chose Client Protection Group over other exit companies?

First and foremost we are NOT a resale company, with that said you know right off the back our process is straight-forward and most importantly legal.

Get Your No-Cost,
No Obligation Case Review

Cancel Your Timeshare with Us -

100% Money Back Guaranteed!

We Also Protect Your Credit.

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